7420 S. Olympia Ave. Tulsa, OK 74132 |   (918) 500-6169

Media Inquiries

We are happy to entertain questions, requests, and ideas from media entities. Please contact us at admin@tulsahillswinecellar.com to begin your inquiry. 

Our Mission Statement

To provide our customers with enjoyment -- both while shopping with us and in using our products.

Our Values

  • Integrity. We will uphold high standards of integrity and honesty in all we do.

  • Customer Satisfaction. We will put out customers first, striving to give them an enjoyable experience each time they visit our stores.

  • Value. We will provide high quality and sought-after products at a competitive price. 

  • Passion. We will remain committed to our mission and our community. 

  • Continuous Learning. We will pride ourselves in being knowledgeable and helpful. 

Our History

Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar opened its doors in 2009 out of a mutual love of wine, beer, and spirits by a group of friends in Tulsa, OK. Tulsa Hills Cigar Cellar & Market was added in 2014 to complete the enjoyment experience by offering cigars, pipe tobacco and related accessories as well as unique gifts, foods, and bar and home accessories. The stores are still locally-owned and -operated.


  • Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar has been recognized seven (7) times on TulsaPeople Magazine's Reader’s Choice A-List.

  • Tulsa Hills Cigar Cellar & Market has three (3) Certified Retail Tobacconists on-staff.

  • The stores have also been featured in articles in The Tulsa World, Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine, TulsaPeople Magazine, Oklahoma Magazine, ThePioneerWoman.com, and Beverage Dynamics. 

Thank you for your business!